Just a few of the things HFM offers...

Worship Services

The Alpha Course

One to One Fellowship

We sing the oldtime favorite hymns with our large print music accompanied with piano CDs. Pastor Jerry gives a beautiful message from the Word of our Lord.
This is a 12 week class that teaches the basics of Christianity. Participants watch a video and are then able to freely discuss and ask any questions they may have in a small group setting.
There are times when someone needs that special one to one attention. Maybe to play cribbage, have someone read to them or just talk.

Veterans Recognition
(Patriotic Caroling)

Prayer Ministry

Deliverance Ministry

HFM has a program called Care Center to Prayer Center. We help the residents form a prayer team to pray for each other and their community..
Christ came to set the captives free. If you are having issues with emotional pain, addictions, fear, rejection etc., we can help. For more information call Lin:
HFM offers a music program to honor  our military Veterans. This special program has been one of the favorites on Memorial Day, Independance Day and Veterans Day.
This photo is from one of our Alpha classes. It's always very informal and we try to make the seniors feel very comfortable and free to ask any question they may have about the video or Christianity in general.

This picture was taken at one of HFM Sunday services. They love the old hymns and really enjoy Pastor Jerry's sermons. We do sevices on any day of the week.
This is at one of HFM Veterans recognition programs. We ask Veterans to stand or identify themselves when their particular service is called out and we salute and applaud them. We also sing songs and have patriotic readings.